The Broadmouse

It’s coming up to five weeks since I contacted my speech therapist asking for some suggestions to overcome my sudden-onset typeopathy, or keyboardosis, or was it  stenographer’s blight?  At present that line of rescue is deadlocked in a triad of disappointment: the therapist, the librarian (with the useful gadgets for loan), and the all important GP (without whose signature I cannot pee!) are frozen in a circle of missed phone calls. It galls me to read another plaintive email saying, “We just keep missing each other!” I the meanwhile I have greatly improved on last week’s piece of wood and double sided tape:                       

The Broadmouse

Like its predecessor, the Broadaxe,

or its famous cousin the Broadsword,

the Broadmouse is a double handed weapon:

The thing that baffles me is that I made this in the shed without too much difficulty, but even brandished with both hands the Broadmouse still takes every scrap of dexterity I can muster to squeeze these few lines out of Dasher.  I can’t seem to manage the keyboard, or the mouse, or the trackball,  but I can still use a saw  and a router in the shed.  It seems too unlikely to be true, but there it is. I assume it has something to do with the line between fine and gross motor skill – but I know as much about that as any parent who has read their child’s pre-school report.

And that’s it from me. I can’t tell you how incomprehensible it is to find yourself physically breathless at the end of a single sentence. It’s ridiculous, stupid!


6 thoughts on “The Broadmouse

  1. Sharon

    I am so sorry Roderick you are having these problems ! You are amazing in coming up with ways to overcome your disabilities. Stay strong my friend.
    love you

  2. Kathleen Powell

    I love you innovation Roderick and hope that you will continue to think up new ways to keep on keeping on. I am very impressed that you do such great work with the saw & router in the shed.You are always an inspiration and I admire your tenacity.
    Kathleen x

  3. Chris M

    Roderick, I don’t know if the ABC still runs the Inventors program, but if they do, the Broadmouse should be entered and exhibited to the ABC world! It is a wonderful creation – (and beautifully photographed in the main photo above, as well)

  4. “Tenacity” – isn’t that a great word Kathleen? Just hearing the word seems enough to inspire another go. Good to have your encouragement; thanks for writing.

  5. G’day Sister Sharon! (we really do say that over here). Pushing this mouse around with two hands feels like wrestling a crocodile! But we press on. I’m sure you’re doing just the same. Blessings to you.

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