Best Girl

Spring 2010 #5

Joy of my life
You make me laugh more,
You make me smile,
You remind me,
You soften me.

We share one life, two views.
We stand together and apart.
Things I miss are plain to you,
The things I see you see more clearly still.

We shared a beach, quite unknowing, for who knows how many childish years.
Was it chance or the Divine Will that crossed our paths, years on and far away?

Your patience is a deep well.
Mother, carer, life to how many children?
Was it three?
No, five.
Now six!
All so different, so unique in themselves, all growing,
All doing so well in this world because of you.

There aren’t so many children round these days,
Who have a mermaid for a mum!

We are a good team, you and I.
We’ve seen a bit!
Our path has seldom been as straight as we had hoped;
But on every bend we’ve stood together, side by side.

What was that you said?
Sausage Hot Pot!
Let’s not.

These are good days;
Living, as we do, in Paradise.
These are hard days too, no doubt.
But I guess we two are somehow built for that;
And we believe!

Nine homes we’ve shared so far; too many I think!
But each has been an advent, a chapter in our book,
And each has had a richness of its own.
Each would have been a house, no more, save for your gifted touch.

We sailed the seven seas (minus six, and I think we flew).
Seven days, not seas! The longest we had spent kid-free in twenty years.
A birthday to remember.
Who would believe?
We climbed mountains, walked seashores, ate well, slept well, explored dungeons, stalked eels, we sat, we listened, we sailed a ship and paddled across the harbour, deep and green!

And this week we turn Twenty One!

Pearl of great

Par excellence.

You are the butter to my bread,
The breath to my life!

The only girl I’ve ever kissed,
The only girl I’ve ever missed.

My Best Girl,
You are…

My Favourite Wife.

4 thoughts on “Best Girl

  1. How absolutely beautiful. Your poem to your lovely wife is just devine. Your each others best friends, very precious gift indeed. Your wife must be very moved by your words. Congrats to the both of you.

  2. Milton S

    Hi Rod
    I definately know that you mean and believe every word you have said . What a blessing you have been to us . keep going with Gods blessing in the way you do so well.

  3. fiona2107

    That is really beautiful Rod!
    She must be so moved reading that.
    Happy Anniversary!
    Today is our anniversary – but only 12 years 🙂

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